Responsible Innovation

Businesses play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our economies, communities and societies

Current trend towards quantitative measures of success sees technology being used to predict and emulate human logic. Refni Direct, on the other hand, leverages technology to drive human-to-human connection, so that corporate leaders can better understand how their decisions impact people’s lives, including the lives of those beyond their immediate customer base. Emotional understanding and engagement also help corporate leaders identify opportunities early, reduce risks and drive commercial success, while fostering social acceptance

By making qualitative insights more accessible, we hope to encourage business and industry leaders put human well-being at the centre of how we conduct and shape business to accelerate sustainable development

This is called Responsible Innovation

“Qualitative research is the best way to understand customers and identify biases and risks early”

CMO, Fortune 500, Melbourne, 2019

“The accuracy and depth of emotional connection is irreplaceable by big data.”

Prof.Dr.Dirk Helbing, Computational Social Science, Zürich, 2018

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