Privacy Policy

A note on privacy

Your privacy is important to us because without your trust Refni cannot exist.

Whether you are registering your interest today, or choosing to sign up when we launch our mobile app later this year, you can do so by using your existing social account. This will allow us to gather official media content (BBC, New York Times, TechCrunch etc.) from your social account(s) to build and ‘unlock’ your unique viewpoint for other Refni users.

To protect your privacy, personal photos and updates will be excluded. Your media data will also be grouped with those of people similar to you. This ‘group view’ is what others will see when they search for different views. Likewise, if you want to explore the world as ‘teacher + Buenos Aries’, what you see will be what all teachers in Buenos Aires are exploring right now on Refni, to protect other people’s privacy.

Some users have already expressed that they would like to share their Refni profile ‘publicly’ so that others can find and follow them individually to see what they are watching and reading. We will add this feature at a later stage but the choice and control of its setting will remain in your hands. That is, you can contribute your social feeds to Refni anonymously by default. You can then choose to turn your profile ‘public’ when this feature is released.